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La Marzocco GS/3
La Marzocco is Baristas most coveted brand world-wide! Can you afford the most expensive for your home or office? Handmade in Florence, the GS/3 offers P.I.D. temperature control and better steaming power than many commercial larger machines and yet only takes up a small footprint using minimal counter space. The GS/3 is available plumbed or non-plumbed.
Contact us via email or call 800-848-9922 for pricing and information.

FAEMA Carisma
  • Compact semi-professional coffee machine in the automatic version.
  • Vintage design in pure steel.
  • LCD display.
  • Boiler services with Smart Boiler: continuity of service at peak times.
  • Technology Quicksteam to automatically heat and froth the milk into the pot at the push of a button.
Contact us via email or call 800-848-9922 for pricing and information.


Your Coffee - Your Brand  + Our Packaging = A Winning Solution!

Here's how it works:

Single Serve UpShot Filters are made from recyclable polypropylene, which makes them better for the environment than traditional single serve plastic containers.

UpShot Filters are compatible with most brand-name single serve coffee brewers.

We take your beans (we'll even grind them for you) to make the filters. The top is sealed with a clear film.

The filters are then packaged in individual servings that are nitrogen flushed to preserve freshness. We can even custom print the packages for you!

Syrup Clearance

Mix and Match, Cash and Carry Warehouse Pricing on these discontinued labels, brands, flavors, and bottle sizes – offered subject to prior sale. All sales final - no returns or exchanges. Packaging/shipping available at additional cost.
Dolce – made by Stearns/Kerry Foodservice
  • 128 oz Gallons – (5 x 750 ml) - $14.95 each – Anisette, Hazelnut; Margarita and Pina Colada bar mix concentrate.
  • 750 ml Food Service –$3.95 each – Anisette, Apple, Banana, Blueberry Boysenberry, Cappuccino Granita, Crème de Cacao, Crème de Mint, Ginger, Mandarino (Orange), Orange, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Tangerine and Tropical Fruit
  • Sugar Free - Irish Crème and Strawberry
  • 375 ml Retail– $2.95 each - Anisette, Boysenberry, Butterscotch, Clear Crème de Cacao, Crème de Mint, Ginger, Lime, Mandarino (Orange), Passion Fruit and Tropical Fruit
  • Sugar Free - Chocolate, Irish Crème and Strawberry
  • 50 ml Mini – $0.95 each - Almond, Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Chocolate, Kiwi, Lemon, and Orange.
DiNatura – Naturally Flavored made by Stearns/Kerry Foodservice
  • 900 ml glass - Food Service – $6.95 each - Blue Curacao, Coffee, Grenadine, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Triple Sec
  • 750 ml glass - Food Service - $5.95 each – Irish Crème, Kiwi, Lime, Mint, and Orange
  • 450 ml glass - Retail – $3.95 each –Almond, Irish Crème, Pineapple, and Strawberry
Torani – made by R. Torre & Co.
  • 375 ml - Retail – $3.95 each - Irish Crème, Lime, Mandarino Orange, Orgeat, Peach,
  • 187 ml Tykes - Retail – $1.99 each – Blackberry, Crème de Cacao, Crème de Mint, Lime, Mandarin Orange, and Peach.
  • Gift carton - $.50 each - decorated full color 4-bottle Tyke Retail box
  • 50 ml - Mini – $0.95 each – Cherry, and Mandarin Orange
O2 – made by Kerry Foodservice – milk flavoring syrups sweetened with Splenda
  • 750 ml – Food Service - $5.95 each - Blue Vanilla Thrilla, Bubble Gum Blast, Cotton Candy Craze, and Orange Dream Extreme
Oscar’s - made by Stearns/Kerry - call for list of remaining flavors
  • 750 ml bottles – $3.95 each. 375 ml bottles – $2.95 each
FABBRI 1905 imported from Bologna, Italy
  • Fantasy Syrup - in 560 ml bottles for $4.99 each
    • Flavors: Almond Milk, Amaretto, Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Coconut, Irish Creme,Mint Orzata, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla
  • Fantasy Sauces - in 32 oz plastic squeeze bottles for $7.99 each
    • Flavors: Hazelnut, Zabione, Caramel
  • MixyBar real fruit concentrates - in 1 liter bottles for $7.99 each
    • Flavors: Banana,Coconut,Kiwi, Lemon,Mango, Melon, Orange,Papaya, Pineapple,Strawberry, Tropical Blue, White Mint, Wild Forest Strawberry
  • Granitina - clear base for granitas - in 53 oz boxes for $14.99 each
  • Charafrutta - all natural salad preservative - in 32 oz bottles for $12.99 each

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